2016, Göteborg, Sweden



Team: Warehouse + ON/OFF


Parallel Inclusive Activities


As important as the pavilion placemaking ability it self was also the parallel activities that were developed during this 3 weeks to empower the appropriation and to improve the communication of this process.


The students and the local groups, with the tutors support, created a on-site communication with info-boards, all around signs and participated “fika ” moments, all written in the 4 most spoken languages of this neighbourhood so everybody could had access to the same information.

Throughout the three weeks there were also some late afternoon events to involve more people and get some inputs for the project, but above all to strengthen the ties created throughout this project.


In the last week of construction the architect Jonathan Naraine, from The Foodprint LAB, join the team for a 3 days furniture workshop with local kids and other participants, creating the interior furniture of the pavilion. He also develop it as a simple design and building technic so the participants could build more in the future.



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