“À Roda da Festa” is an installation for temporary activities of the “Bairro em Festa” festival that took place in Campo Mártires da Pátria.

Invited by the cooperative Trabalhar com os 99%, we reused and readapted structures from the exhibition Tanto Mar that was held in the Garagem Sul of the CCB in 2014 to recreate a new cultural space with open air performances.

This project was supported by a collective construction process, with involvement and inclusion of the local community in its construction and assembly. It is a structure that embraces and delimits the area where shows with children’s audience took place, and outside it served as a support for an exhibition by Andreia Salavessa.


Team: Trabalhar com os 99%, Colectivo Warehouse, Pedro Jardim
Client: Largo Residências
With: Sebastião de Botton, Monica Di Eugenio, Raquel Santos
Collaborators: Carlos Cunha, Diogo Azevedo, Filipe Silva, Joana Simões, Jorge Costa e Rogério Conceição