We often imagine spaces. But it is something else to imagine spaces that are open, hybrid, in continuous transformation, permeable to the different cultures that make up the city. Places of coexistence, sharing, mutual support, that mold themselves with the communities that contaminate them and inhabit them. 

They are intersections, converging lines that join different pathways in the day-to-day agitation of urban life. They are places to break up barriers and deconstruct existing hegemonic parameters, where you can access without crossing any kind of boundary, spaces that are awaiting to come alive through appropriation. 

Today we want to start here: by opening space to the conversation and debate, with whoever wishes to join us. So that places like this can absorb suggestions and transform for another future.

The installation “Future spaces” is born from an urgent question proposed to us by Goethe Institut: how to transform and open this place of culture to the future? Our proposition was to start by asking those who live it. Through a participatory installation we invited people to contribute with their answers by writing in the tiles that compose the installation various pieces. For one month the tiles were written on, filling the pieces with content and ideas. At the Goethe Institut anniversary party, a debate about the spaces of culture in the future was held in the garden, where the installation served as food for thought, scenery and seating.

What do you look for in a cultural space?

What kind of activities can bring in people that normally do not cross this space?

How do you imagine the places of culture in the future?

Team: Colectivo Warehouse

Client: Goethe Institut

With: Ruben Teodoro, Monica di Eugenio, Raquel Santos