What unites us is the river, the city, the people, the future.
An artistic installation that seeks to question the people of Cacilhas about what unites us towards the Future. Drawing line between the river and the city, between nature and Human, Cândido do Reis Street during, June and July, was the stage for the dialogue between Present and Future.

A conceptual line marked this street during the Almada City Celebrations, offering passersby an interactive mural where they recorded their words, building the common universe of our Future.

Some of these words were selected and gained prominence along the street façades, covering the heart of Cacilhas with what unites us. Until the 10th of June, words such as, Future, Love, Affection, Food, Music, Dream, Friendship, Madness, Empathy, Dance and River, represented what unites this town.

To reduce the environmental impact of this intervention, the entire installation was built entirely with left over materials from carpentry, acquired or given away. Intentionally, no glues or treatment materials were used, so that raw material could be entirely reused.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Partners: Associação Gerador, Camara Municipal de Almada, Ateliers da Penha
With: Rúben Teodoro
Collaborators: Ricardo Morais