TransforMar is a two week project aimed to create a intergenerational meeting point for Cova do Vapor: a playground for kids; a multipurpose hall to help the Biblioteca do Vapor develop its activity with the inhabitants; a comfortable bench to seat, talk and enjoy the stunning view and a path to improve the accessibility of the site.


A process of experimentation involving a construction workshop, environmental sensibilization, games, festive lunches, poetry, yoga, surf, and so on!


Warehouse took part in the construction of the equipment and, in collaboration with Samuel Boche, supported all the volunteers and participants by tutoring them in this phase of the project.

We divided our energies in four teams: path team, multifunctional hall team, bench team and playground team.


The path team developed a series of walkable modules that connect the parking to the village passing through this new space. The structure is made to become more and more stable with the sand hitting one of its side. This side is also provided with a long bench that creates a relation with the rest of the intervention.

The intervention occupies the whole space between the parking lot and the main road creating with its homogeneity a new relation between them and with the beach.

The multi functional hall team has been in charge of upgrading the old structure of the kitchen from Casa do Vapor. This new space is now protected from the sand with a half tall wall that gives the sensation of a closed and secluded space where it will be possible to develop the activity of the Biblioteca – that it’s just nextdoor.

A new roof has been built to provide some shades and one of the side is now made of a small bench that protects the vegetation growing on the sand.

The bench team started its work by dismantling the old and pointy bench. The new seats are now of two different kind: a bigger one that allows to lay down and enjoy the sun and the view on the ocean and a smaller one built in a L shape to create a gathering space.

The playground team started to reinforce the old games already on site. Now the playground is equipped with a vertical climbing wall, a second wall with coloured tires to be climbed, a monkey bars game and a reinforced slide. In addition to that two new elements have been added to the playground: a swing to fly towards the sunset and a pirate ship to sail the dunes!

Team: Colectivo Warehouse + Samuel Boche
Funding: Almada’s Municipality
Partners: Associação Margem de Coragem, Associação Ensaios e Diálogos, Biblioteca do vapor, Bugio à vista, Associação Para Onde?
With: Sebastião de Botton, Rúben Teodoro, Giuseppe Macaluso, Michele Spatari
Collaborators: Dolores Papa, Marta Trindade, Vittoria Catalfamo,  Inês Ferrão, Desiree Luciano, Marina Vismara, Mariella Gentile, Bruno Caracol, Delphine Hocq, Esther Balaguer, Amalia Buisson, Tiago Castanheira, João Rosa Moreira, Zinho Gomes Pires, Emilie Rao, Karolina Michalska, Harry Mansifeld, Anna Sobczak, Claudia Teixeira, Inês Sebastián, Martha