During our Community Artistic Workshops by Festival Iminente we worked in Bairro do Rego with residents and Passa Sabi Association for several weeks.

A true co-creation process, the design was developed collaboratively and in-situ. Until the last day of construction there wasn’t a drawing that let foresee the final result and we hope that it so continues, permanently evolving.

The starting point was a structure built by a group of residents during the first confinement in 2020. Deprived from the use of gyms and physical activities spaces, the residents assembled a couple of preexisting structures in a common patio where they could place some fitness equipment to be shared by several users.

After a year of being used, a threat of demolition looms over this structure, as a consequence of a report to the City Council. The workshops by Festival Iminente appear as the perfect opportunity to requalify this object, expanding its function, multiplying its uses and above all making it disassemblable by rethinking the structure.

With all those available and interested, the first brain-storm sessions decided the program and project guide-lines, which materialized the need for the structure to be easily disassembled. They also materialize the intentions of opening to its surroundings, promote interactions, perform several functions and serve a larger community.

During the building workshops together we transformed this structure into an ephemeral and reconfigurable device, versatile and resilient.

Able to respond to a number of different uses and groups, it generates an inclusive zone that is ready to be appropriated for any activity.

A Zone for Action and Community.


Team: Colectivo Warehouse, Associação Passa Sabi, Moradores do Bairro do Rego

Client: Festival Iminente

With: Raquel Santos, Rúben Teodoro