The concept for Alchemy Circle stage emerges from the center of 2022 Boom Festival’s theme “The Antropocene”.

The heart as the biological central piece of the unconscious Human and its association with raw emotions; its continuous pumping, pushing the blood through the circulatory system, by rhythmic contraction, creating an endless flux. 

Alchemy Circle as the heart of Boom Festival 2022 is a place of fluidity with it’s open plan, allowing for a free immersive experience in the dance floor; a place of connection where the veins act as portals purposefully aligned with the strongest elements in Boom Land: the lake, the sky, the forest and the sunset, connecting the outside to the innermost space of the dancefloor; a place of grounding where the tall arches reach the sky and come down discharging their energy in the earth, forming the shape of the heart coming out of the land.

The stage has a total of 1800 m2 of covered area, providing 1450 m2 of covered dance floor for boomers to enjoy hours of musical performances. This full body has approximately 20.000 m3 of volume, formed by a 63m sequence of 12 wood arches with a maximum span of 46m and highest point 15 meters from the ground. 

The skin that covers the structure is a fragmented mesh of polygons that creates a sense of direction towards the artist performing. The overlapping of different layers, shapes and colors of the skin promotes continuous air flow inside the structure and protects dancers from the sun. 

Throughout the inside space, the wooden arches and skin layers come alive with the light and sound design, immersing boomers in a collective and pulsating rhythmic experience.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse e Boom Festival

Client: Boom Festival

With: Rúben Teodoro, Raquel Santos, Monica di Eugenio, Sebastião de Botton, Romain Deboulle, Guenièvre Carré.