Living the experience of being welcomed, well-being arises when we feel included. Beyond sensory comfort, seeing and being seen by others is essential for recognition and inclusion. Being a place aims to create a cross-border dialogue between the spaces that welcome us through shared experience, and those that individualize us. 

Being a place is a site-specific installation, thought and designed for the ground floor window niches at Teatro Avenidas, that receive us when entering and exiting the auditorium. The materials used to build this installation are leftovers from other projects, which is apparent in the different thicknesses and textures of the yellow bench, giving it an identity of diversity.

The installation is an exercise of materializing certain sensory and emotional components that we associate with the theme “welcoming”. Through working with form, geometry, light and color we experimented with the impact these elements have in the construction of space and possibly a sense of place, when an environment is created which envelops the people that use it.