Ateliers da Penha it’s a cowork based on Design & Build concept, promoted by Colectivo Warehouse. This shared workspace was born from the collective need to have a workspace that responds to different occupations and uses.
Ateliers da Penha were designed and built as a new place in the city where creative design, collaborative meetings, experimentation and production take place under the same roof, promoting a creative and collaborative environment.They were also designed to operate as an “open door” to the city and its architects, artists, associations, etc. promoting meetings and events that disseminate its residents but also topics around ​​architecture, art and city.

“Since 2016 we have been looking for a space that meets our own needs: Having a workplace with workshop and production workshop in a Design & Build environment.”


The 500 sqm that create these two commercial floors had been decommissioned for over 5 years, so this intervention had to, not only solve deeper infrastructure issues, but also create conditions to adapt itself to a new use.
The intervention was entirely in charge of Colectivo Warehouse’s team, from the graphic identity to the layout of the space and of course, all the architectural intervention. Not only because it is a rented space, but also to respond to the constant metamorphosis of the collective itself, all the elements that organize this cowork are design to be easily removed / altered.

The materials chosen create a more comfortable working environment, with wood, color and natural light being the basic elements of this project.

All elements such as partition walls, interior windows, cabinets, furniture, doors, etc., were designed and built on the spot, strengthening the concept of the space itself from its earliest hours.

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Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Client: Colectivo Warehouse
Partners: Paulo Filipe Electricista
With: Rúben Teodoro, Sebastião de Botton, Ricardo Morais, Monica Di Eugenio, Romain Deboulle
Collaborators: João Peixe