As part of the second edition of Pico Zen Festival, Colectivo Warehouse, in collaboration with Terrapalha studio, were invited to design and build a temporary structure that would accommodate the main activities of the festival.


The project’s premises were clear from the start, in resume the main goal was to create a structure that had the least possible environmental and local impact, minimizing the use of external resources. In this way the design response was to use local labor, materials and techniques.

Bamboo tree, as an invasive species on the island, was an obvious choice for the structure, aligning with the use of local fishing ropes and mooring techniques for tensioning and structural bonding. No screws, nails or plastic clamps were used, reducing the waste.
The structure was anchored on the ground always working in tension and bracing, requiring no foundations, thus minimizing the impact on the ground. Only on the roof was used a synthetic material, althought was purchased with the commitment of future reuse by the Municipality of São Roque do Pico.

The project was built in a week, in partnership with the City Hall workers and local residents, with a building site open to participation from locals and festival participants.


Team: Colectivo Warehouse + Terrapalha
Client: Festival Pico Zen
Partners: Câmara Municipal de São Roque do Pico; Capital do Turismo Rural São Roque do Pico; Compalha; Aço Snack-Bar

With: Rúben Teodoro
Collaborators: Luís Pidarra; Catarina Pinto