Colectivo Warehouse was invited to do 4 new projects for Boom Festival 2018 edition. The concept for this year was focused on Sacred Geometry, an idea that we tried to explore in different ways in these 4 projects. All  projects were designed in Lisbon and built in a 20 days’ residence in Boom Land.

Juice Bar – Alchemy

The Juice Bar – Alchemy is located in the Alchemy Circle, MOVA & Flea Market. The bar resembles a tent but with an industrial look. The interlaced frames give an industrial image but by using wood it gets lighter, more sustainable and welcoming. The frame structure allows a game of heights giving rhythm to the façades and to the roof. The patterns are based in a triangular shape that simultaneously integrates the elements that lock the structure.

The bar contains an area of 16m2 and a shaded area in front of the service area. The layout designs two separate areas: an area for cashier and public service bar and the main central area for drinks preparation and storage. The outside structure provides shade to the public through a mix of triangular tarpaulins and triangular wood panels.

Juice Bar – Central Plaza

The Central Juice Bar is located in the Central Plaza. The bar is a conjugation between a wood structure and a shipping container. One of the goals is to give unity to this combination by hiding the container inside the wood structure. The structure is made with wooden modular frames and panels.

The container situated in the back of the bar and has the kitchen area. In front there is the wood structure with the cashier, the main central area for drinks preparation and public service bar. The roof is made of tarpaulins coconut fibre and the shade in front of the service area consists of a diagonal wood pattern that allows that the light still passes through. This diagonal pattern is used all around the building in a combination of wood and painted stripes.

Ecotech Stands

The stands consist of a stage and 10 modules distributed within a dome in the Liminal Village. These modules are designed to welcome NGOs and informal groups to present their work and also to support some events in the stage.

The layout of the stands allows a maximization of the interior space of the dome freeing the space of the stage. The stands layout also establishes a peripheral limit within the dome.

The stands have a hexagonal base and resemble small lighthouses. The materials used are pallets, orange fabric, slats and panels of wood. The pallets allow light permeability. In the night the light passes through the top covering working as a light installation.

Funky Beach

The intervention in Funky Beach focused on the structural recovery of the bar due to the weather exposure between editions. Some functional transformations were made in the building by changing doors and windows. New beams were placed on the roof, thus restoring the safety of the building. The outdoor furniture was created to compose a new scenario on the beach.

20 chaise longue, 10 low tables and 10 high tables were built using pallets and wooden planks.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Client: Boom Festival
With: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, Sebastião de Botton, Matilde Mozzi, Emanuel Falappa
Collaborators: Ruben Paixão, Filipe Conceição, Emanuel, Daniel Oliva, Mário