The LUCity! (Light Urban City!) is an artist mobility program promoted by 4iS – Platform for Social Innovation, for the production of light installations in public space in co-creation with the local community thus encouraging citizens to link art and public space.

The intervention of Warehouse in the Parque da Ribeira in Joane gave birth to a temporary artistic installation. A space of encounter was created through a set of deckchairs around a multi-potential central element, available for children and adults throughout the summer.


It offered a different way of occupying the park while taking advantage of existing facilities and equipment nearby. One could imagine the central element as a water point, a sandbox or even a space to plant a tree. An element was defined according to possibilities and desires of all partners involved in this project.

The project aimed to establish a conducive space for conviviality that generates playful environment under the watchful eye of adults who can interact with the furniture created around this attraction.


Warehouse coordinated practical activities for a week in the Park collectively building this artistic facility. The natural proximity created by the disposition of the furniture offers the potential to become an itinerant installation, which creates an equal environment of conviviality in other places. This new space of leisure and socializing throws clues to possible spontaneous uses of the public space.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Client: Municipality of Famalicão
Partners: 4iS – Platform for Social Innovation, Katja Peternostre
With: Sebastião de Botton, Romain Deboulle