The Petrogradets’ Summer Camp project is framed in “Critical Mass” 4th edition. This is an event organized annually by the Creative Association of Curators TOK in the city of St Petersburg. The first phase consisted in a field trip to Petrogradets Summer Camp to understand its dynamics and needs. Later we will develop a project with the Petrogradets municipality, the camp administration and TOK to create a new space for the camp. The project will answer the desires and needs identified in this field trip.

The summer camp is located in Gromovo village 100km from St Petersburg. In order to understand the dynamics of the camp, the analysis process was based on the record of the daily routines and the children and supervisors activities. During the field trip interviews were conducted to identify the problems and needs of the camp. Simultaneously we try to find solutions together with the camp members and based on their suggestions.

In this analysis process was also carried out a survey identifying potential areas for future intervention. It was also possible to visit the historical archives to understand the evolution of the camp over the past decades and distinguish some of the symbolic places and routine activities that pass through generations.


The analysis process was quite rich in content. Despite a discrepancy between the different users of the field and in particular among children because of the age and gender difference the goal that reached greater consensus was the creation of a multi-purpose space that could accommodate simultaneously the 150 members of the camp.

After the survey, three spaces stood out as potential targets for intervention: the area of the parade where they perform various sports activities, an old abandoned barn and a empty space between the Arts and Crafts building and the opposite game room building.

Team: Warehouse
Partners: Creative Association of Curators TOK
With: Ricardo Morais