Warehouse intervention in Galiza neighbourhood comes from the invitation to collaborate with Take.it – ​​Talents and Arts with Creativity and Entrepreneurship – a City council project sponsored by Escolhas program. This program responds to the problematic of irregular behaviour carried out by young residents in the neighbourhoods, Torre and Galiza, in Cascais. This initiative offers diverse and stimulating experiences that motivate young people to plan their future.

Warehouse became a partner with the role of architect and coordinator of activities and public works to be implemented in the public space, under the PEDU program – Strategic Urban Development Plan. This plan was not implemented but through participation and involvement among several partners, it was possible to develop small-scale actions based on a local territorial diagnosis. Participation, local networks and collaboration lead to a continuity between Warehouse and Take it team.

Three projects emerged from this partnership: A furniture building workshop, the construction of a community barbecue in the public space and the renovation of a commercial space, Jay’s Barber Shop.


Tables Building Workshop – Ideas Barbecue

In November 2016, in the beginning of the process, Warehouse organized a workshop in which 8 young people from the neighbourhood participated. The goal was to build furniture to serve as support for an event held in the neighbourhood; A barbecue for ideas! A soccer tournament was combined with the gathering and participation of dwellers to contribute with ideas for improvements to be implemented in the neighbourhood.

This project allowed the participants to have a first contact with woodworking and general building techniques. It also stimulated a sense of ownership and responsibility in the organization of the event and to achieve the intended results. The active principles were the sharing of ideas written on the table’s black background and the placing of anonymous ideas in voting boxes in the center of the table.

Community Barbecue Building

With the participation of 8 international volunteers and a group of young dwellers, Warehouse proposed and coordinated the transformation of a public space through the building of a community barbecue. This project was possible to implement after the extensive diagnostic process, in order to identify areas of the neighbourhood where there is lack of equipment in the public space. The result of this work revealed that the creation of several barbecue areas in the public space organizes and simplifies a common practice in the daily life of the residents, also favouring conviviality among people.

Jay’s Barbershop

Jay’s Barbershop is a project resultant from the flow between warehouse and the actions that had already taken place in the neighbourhood. This was a personal initiative from Jay Ferro with the support of Take it. Through Escolhas programme, Jay, a resident of the neighbourhood obtains financial support for the installation / renovation of a commercial space in the local Shopping center. Warehouse design and build a project to create the interior of the barbershop. The majority of the materials come from the Material recovery center of the municipality. The furniture and layout is functional, contemporary and includes a young graphical image that is related to Jay’s culture and personal taste.


Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Partners: Cascais Municipality, Cascais-Estoril Parish, ParaOnde?, Take.it.E6G, Colégio Senhora Boa Nova, Lubuss, JUFM, Adreche
With: Ricardo Morais, Sebastião de Botton
Collaborators: Anne MA, Ename Costa, Francisco Paulo Mango, Inês Ferrão, Lorena García Ruiz-Clavijo, Marija Mendeš, Marta Trindade, Mensageiro Coronel, Milena Maurizi, Mona Norden, Mónica Duarte, Olivia Page, Pierre Gianni Fernandes, Sara Amorim e Roman Tesolkin, Sebastian Rs, Zinho Gomes Pires, Jay Ferro