Casa do Vapor is a collaboration between the french EXYZT collective, Ensaios e Diálogos Association and Cova do Vapor Residents Association. It was an ephemeral cultural center and a new meeting point for local community and outside visitors.

We joined this project as volunteers and participated in the some phases of the construction.


In October 2013 we dismantled Casa. The wood from Casa helped with starting the Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa project. The team that developed Cozinha was born in Casa too. The team took the wood from Cova do Vapor to build the first structures in Terras da Costa and initiated the process.

for more info about Casa do Vapor project visit here

Team: EXYZT + Ensaios e Diálogos + ConstructLab
With: Alexander Roemer, Diana Pereira, Amalia Buisson, Sofia Costa Pinto, Dolores Papa, Eduardo Conceição, Licia Soldavini, Samuel Boche, two more Sams, Miguel Magalhaes, Gonzague Lacombe, Manu Maccaigne, Johanna Dehio, Mattia Paco-Rizzi, Jessica Bergstein-Collay, Merril Sinéus, Sara Muzio, Mafalda Correa Nunes, Suzanne, David, Maria, Pixes, Ivo, Tiago, Fernanda other inhabitants of Cova do Vapor, Colectivo Prosaico, Colectivo Warehouse and so many international, national and local volunteers and helpers.