Play-LX is a concept of urban intervention by creating objects and transforming space.

This project, which took place between September and October 2013 in Lisbon, is mainly aimed at showing that the city can be more fun in a spontaneous way by using ideas for specific places, like a swing in a bus station or a chessboard on a typical public street table.

The first action for Play-Lx was installing a swing in different points of the city.

First we fixed it to a tree branch in a public park and it was immediately used by many children waiting in line for their turn. We then hanged it in a bus station near our office.

This offered a fun and unusual situation for people while waiting for the bus. Through this process, we understood the efficiency of a swing as a piece for fun and interaction between people and kids.

This led us to the integration of swings in our later projects.


Reconfiguring an public space table

This intervention consisted of reconfiguring a street table used by the local community as a meeting place and for playing board games.

An act of guerrilla intervention was created by fixing a board to this table for card games, dominoes and chess, peppered with imaginative popular sayings adapted to life in the neighbourhood. We used platex lacquered in black for the board. It was cut by a CNC milling machine provided by Fablab Lisboa, and later varnished to protect the wood.

Team: Warehouse
Partners: FabLab Lisboa
With: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, Sebastião de Botton, Diogo Anjos