The Marchas do Castelo exhibition was a collaborative work between FAS – Fundo de Arquitectura Social and Warehouse, and it received the strong support from the Castelo neighbourhood community.

The exhibition was based on the traditional parade that has taken place every year in June during Santo António celebrations since 1932, with special focus on the Castelo neighbourhood.


The exhibition

The exhibition was shown at the Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts – Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva from 5th June to 19th July 2015.

The goal was to present an important side to Lisbon’s popular traditional festivities and to share the neighbourhood’s culture and experiences by means of a select collection of costumes, props, song lyrics, music, programmes, newspaper articles, photographic records and video, that represented some parades.


The exhibition structures were adapted to the material to be displayed and consisted of a reception table with a shelf for the handmade products, seven display modules that showed their history, photographs and other objects, a metal showcase for the Marchas costumes, a showcase for parade awards, three big display panels, one with a bench and a screen, another that displayed the newspaper articles and a third with credits and an introduction to the exhibition.

Team: Warehouse
Partners: Fundo de Arquitectura Social, Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo
With: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, Sebastião de Botton, Malin Mohr
Collaborators: Patrícia Chorão, Raquel Morais, Marco Reixa