Funky Beach Bar is a project developed for the 2016 edition of Boom Festival. We were invited to design and build a bar for the Funky Beach, located on the East corner of the festival site. Later it was also developed and built the kiosk for Walking Gate, based on the same construction method but on a smaller scale. The pattern of the façade was made by Pedro Peixe, an invited artist.

One of the main aims of this project is the reusability of the structure for future festival editions. We used a wooden frame modular structure in which the coating could be changed from edition to edition.

In the edition of 2016, the chosen coating was Euro-pallets, used simultaneously to structurally reinforce the building. All the major connections of these structural slats are joined ​​with standard hex screws for an easy disassembly and storage of the main frames/pieces.

The bar layout designs three separate areas. An area for cashier and a small office, a warehouse and dishwasher area, and the main central area for food preparation and public service bar. The bar structure extends to the outside area, lying in big reused bamboo pillars that provide shade to the public through the pallets and tarpaulins coconut fibre.

The kiosk adopts the same structure and layout system but on a smaller scale. The shade front area to the public is made only by wooden beams, pallets and tarpaulins coconut fibre.


Team: Warehouse
Partners: Boom Festival, Estudio Altura
With: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, Lediana Rrjolli
Collaborators: Aseel Swami (Spectrohm Arts), Leandro Rabelo, Roman Roznovsky, Pete Anderton, Pedro Peixe