Urban Parliament results from a Zuloark research project on urban space called the Universal Declaration of Urban Rights. The aim is to encourage debate about urban space among all those involved in making the city, entities such as local authorities, communities, residents, associations, public and private institutions, architects, artists and all other city makers.

As Warehouse was selected to be tutors for Meds Reaction Lx’s workshop, we get also involved in the construction of this project. Zuloark invited us and others from the organization of the workshop to team up and build the Parliament.


The material object was an octagonal wooden structure divided into six trapezoids, each of which was constructed by a group of participants. The space left empty by the seventh and eighth trapezoids was the entrance into the parliament structure. The only premise was fixed dimensions so that each trapezoid was the same and had two levels of benches.

This parliament building was used afterwards in the MEDS Reaction Lx workshop as a meeting point point for participants, tutors and the Graça neighbourhood community group.

Team: Zuloark
Partners: Meds Reaction Lx, Warehouse
Collaborators: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, João Peixe, Diogo Anjos, Anna Buono, Aída Asecas, Nuno Silva and Tiago.