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The Pedrógão Chair has trapezoidal shapes referring to the hexagon of the general concept. The chair underwent several changes during construction and after the first prototypes tests. The final model incorporated the suggestions of all those involved in the testing process

The chairs benches can be personalized through engraving or painting as it happened in the AVIPG Headquarters project. The benches were assembled and varnished at the headquarters using the help of the local inhabitants  although we used a CNC machine to cut the pieces.


The slight inclination of the seat and the back provide a greater degree of comfort because the chairs were created for a regular use as opposed to the benches.




Height: 45 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 40 cm


Material: birch plywood
Finishing: clear acrylic varnish
Colour: natural (wood) red (paint)

This item was designed for “Sede AVIPG”, Pedrógão Grande, 2017