The project of the new AVIPG Headquarters consisted in the rehabilitation of an old school built in Português Suave Style. The school is located in Figueira, one of the most affected areas from the fires of June 17 in Pedrogão Grande.

The presence in the field and the use of local labour made it possible for the population to be heard and for a more in-depth knowledge of the territory. The period that the team spent living in Pedrógão was fundamental to set up the project.


The headquarters have two permanent office works. It can simultaneously hold meetings of the association, assemblies with residents of affected areas and classes up to 25 people. A reception area, a kitchenette, two toilets and a storage room were added to the existing area.

The polyvalence of the space is demonstrated in the pieces of furniture. Its trapezoidal shape allows for numerous combinations.

Conceptually, the alveolar form refers to the hives and to the communitarian work of the bees.


In the outer zone, trunks of recovered eucalyptus delimit the flowerbeds with Japanese borders. This solution allows moving the trunks easily in case of a future enlargement of the building. We also planted three cork oaks outside due to their resiliency and fire resistance qualities.


Team: Colectivo Warehouse, Mariella Gentile, Inés Sebastián Ugarteche, Sam Boche
Partners: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Ateliermob, AVIPG, Câmara Municipal de Pedrogão, Junta de Freguesia da Graça, Somapil, Grupo Amorim, CIN, Inpress Studio, Reynaers Aluminium SA
With: Ricardo Morais, Rúben Teodoro, Sebastião de Botton, Matilde Mozzi, Emanuel Falappa
Collaborators: Pauliconstrói, Paulo Filipe, Emanuel Oliveira, Carlos Barradas, António Grilo