Invited by Mistaker Maker, Warehouse designed and installed 6 lighting structures on the ceiling of UBBO shopping center in The hood space.

The lighting structures follow the same design and characteristics of the furniture previously built by the collective in this same space creating a coherent aesthetic connection in order to integrate these new elements in the pre-existing set.

The structures are made of iron profiles to which are screwed wooden beams and aluminum profiles for lighting through LED strips. The presence of a vast number of parallel spaced timbers and the integration of LED lights distributed in several skewed lines contributes to the creation of a rhythm and dynamics that we were interested in. We also explored the fact that the hood ceilings already contained several artistic installations with lights and elements of strong presence by very diverse colors and shapes.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Partners: Brunisi
Client: Mistaker Maker
With: Sebastião de Botton, Monica Di Eugenio

Artist: Colectivo Warehouse (PT) | Curatorship and production: Mistaker Maker | Video by: Chris Costa (PT)