Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) is a digital art festival that takes place every year in Tróia, Portugal. More than a festival, THU is an artists’ community that meet annually in what they call “digital art rave” to share the latest trends in the digital world and generate new synergies.

THU- Oasis is the project for the exterior space of the festival with modules for catering, bars, outdoor furniture and lounge area.

The concept of this space is “collaboration”. The modules were created with the same adaptation spirit as the street food market vehicles.


With different sizes and specific adaptations it reminds us of the Italian “vespa” or the vans that occupy these markets all of a sudden. Although with these modules it is possible to give and identity and formal unity in such variety of food trucks.


Oasis - THU2017

All these holiday dinners made us miss eating and sharing ideas with the Tribe at the Oasis. 🍻

Geplaatst door Trojan Horse was a Unicorn op Donderdag 28 december 2017

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