“Van 12” is a project that puts children’s voices at the heart of a street theatre performance through the use of recorded storytelling audio.

Colectivo Warehouse was invited to take part in the creative process of this performance. From Set design to body movement and props, the entire process was defined with all the actors, directors and assistants collaborating with-in a residency in Beirut.

Colectivo Warehouse was the design and build responsible, and during two weeks, Van 12 set was built from scratch.


Stories have been gathered through workshops and discussions with Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children who have had their rights neglected or violated. The children have anonymously shared their experiences about how they are coping with violence, bullying, poverty, forced labour, and other violations of their legal rights.


Team: Sabine Choucair, Jhila Prentis, Walid Saliba, Wael Kaldo, Layal Ghanem, Chantal Mailhac, Samer Sarkis, Rola Kobeissi, Farah Kassem, Ali Dalloul, Hisham Assaad, Sfeir, Sra Berjawi, Denise Rinehart, Julia yevnine, Ailin Conant, Dima Nachawi, Amar Sokhen, Moustafa Yamouth
Funding: UNICEF, Australian Aid
Partners: Warehouse, Beirut DC, Clown me In, Zico House
With: Rúben Teodoro