Almar is EDA’s – Associação Ensaios e Diálogos – rehabilitation project for the archaeological site of Quinta do Almaraz, in Almada.

Having the Municipality of Almada as promoter, the project associates the construction of the new infrastructures with the activation of the space of the old agricultural site, opening it to the community through guided visits, artistic residences, workshops, talks and round tables.


The archaeological new building has a reception area with a ticket office, workspaces for archaeologists and scientists, exhibition and interpretive area for visitors and sanitary facilities.

Warehouse role

Warehouse was invited to join the construction team of the main building where three pre-existing containers were incorporated and transformed. This operation required the construction of a new structure and a roof that connects the containers, thus giving a new unit to the building.

In this reconfiguration it was intentional to create a central space with the function of increasing social and exhibition space while maintaining the privacy that each container needs for its specific functions, an office, a pantry, and toilets.

Team: Ensaios e Diálogos + Amigos
Funding: Câmara Municipal de Almada
Collaborators: Ricardo Morais, Sebastião Botton, Rúben Teodoro, Marco Piscopo, Matilde Mozzi