Warehouse’s first project was organising its work space in an old ground-floor warehouse shop with a basement in Belém in March 2013.

The first job was to recover the old space by fixing its doors and windows, painting the walls, outside bars and shutters and installing a new electric system.

The workspace concept was to reuse materials as a low-cost solution and build the work space ourselves. The self-construction process that later became one of the foundations of the Warehouse identity.

The workstations, bathroom, archives and storage were located in the basement. The first floor was an open space with a library, an eating area, benches and chairs but at the same time it was the place to experiment and set up small projects.

We reused pallets and fruit baskets to make its furniture: pallets for tables and counters, and for storage and fixing boards on walls while fruit baskets were used to accommodate our personal library.


Team: Warehouse
With: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, Ivo Nascimento, Cláudia Pereira, Filipe Conceição