Bring a pal and have fun was an award-winning proposal in an international competition called Play-Scapes launched by Building Trust International. The goal of this competition was to encourage people to think about underused, undervalued and constantly bypassed parts of their city.

In line with this theme, Campo das Salésias in Belém was the site selected in order to implement our ideas.

The main goal was to revitalize the space and set up together with the community equipment and furniture adapted for leisure and to practice sports. All the equipment is designed to put together euro-pallets according to simple assembling instructions.



What are the possibilities of transforming abandoned, unsafe, dirty, or simply boring locations into fun places?

The participants were asked to choose an abandoned site in their own city with potential for activity to be reintegrated in areas where urban evolution has stifled it, but are valuable areas for people who are stressed by daily city life and have fewer and fewer green and recreational spaces.

We chose Campo das Salésias, a former football field, which has a long history, because of the great potential that the place revealed as a new urban space in Lisbon.


Campo das Salésias is an urban void with stories to tell and needs to rediscover its days of glory.

Along with the local community and Os Belenenses sports club, we seek to reinvent this space by promoting its history and bringing benefits to local initiative and associations that could use the space.

Community construction

Pallets are wooden structures that can be put together to create different exercise and leisure equipment.

With this approach, several devices can be produced to shape numerous areas with different programme distribution. The equipment is designed for people of all ages to use.

Starting with an organized space, the community can reinvent their equipment by using existing devices or creating new ones with the same material. This introduces constant changes in Campo das Salésias.


Designed to showcase the community and the history of their space, this proposal is planned to be self-sustaining as it is to be managed by the local community. Those who contribute towards this space with their activities will therefore enjoy it and preserve it for the future.

Team: Warehouse 
With: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, João Peixe, Diogo Anjos, Ivo Nascimento.