The question “Why architecture today?grounds the subject in the present moment, giving it context. Trying to answer it, our minds are propelled to a process of filtration, of considering and discarding arguments, beliefs and dogmas, to hopefully reach a reasoning that truthfully conveys our viewpoint. 

Questionabilis* installation, as a part of Multiplicity exhibition, launches this question alongside five others:

What architecture today? Architecture for whom? How architecture today? Where architecture today? Who is the architect today? 

Alongside the exhibition, the debate is an open space to think collectively about possible and improbable answers, either factual or fictional, preferably imagined and so just ripe for concretization. It took place on the 26th November in MNAC courtyard welcoming every museum visitor to participate. The conversation was mediated by Colectivo Warehouse and Pedro Gadanho, and drawn live by Miguel Magalhães.

The shoring jacks used for Questionabilis will be used as structural elements in the rehabilitation of the Communitary Kitchen of Terras da Costa. This communitary building was built in 2014 as a temporary structure to tackle the poor living conditions of the 500 people living without water or sanitation, until the announced resettlement was fulfilled. With a supposed lifespan of 2 years, today The Kitchen presents all the predictable symptoms of that extension and uncertainty. Uncertain is also the future of this community, so The Kitchen needs to continue supplying water, common space and prominence to this population. 

Why, if not for qualified space? For whom, if not for everyone? What, if not the essential? Where, if not where it is needed? How, if not with social responsibility? 

*Questionabilis, from question + habilis, refers to our ability to question. It is a made up neologism to express the human capacity and intention to question and reflect on a given subject. Questionabilis installation/event serves that purpose: to strike a conversation about architecture in which everyone is welcome to participate.