Here be dragons (“Hic sunt dracones”) is what was written in medieval times when no one knew what lay beyond the explored territory.

We chose this same expression because this project aims to build relationships between individuals and territories, neighbourhoods and nearby areas, placing communities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the centre of this work, through various activities and workshops.

“Here be dragons” is a project of urban and social reactivation, of inclusion in the urban periphery of Matosinhos and Porto, through art, urbanism and participation.

This project explores inclusive art, using artistic practices and languages to make people with disabilities visible and place people with disabilities at the centre of social policies and the surrounding environments and communities.


Instead of a single story, many are built, as many as possible. Small testimonials are extracted from residents of the area, focusing on the project’s priority groups and neighbours. By accumulating perspectives, we compose an endless list of curiosities, anecdotes and facts about the city.

The methodological basis is in this set of opinions, which builds a reflection of collective thinking about the city. From the summation and analysis of these stories, an environment is created where users themselves can develop their contents and build the space where dialogue takes place, in a simple and shared format.


Starting from the basis of emotional mapping, the workgroups, tutors, partners and promoters jointly explore the territory. Stories are researched, trails are explored, fauna and flora are investigated, habits and residents are observed, and dynamics are revealed. The registration and creative exploration of these universes are intentionally left to each participant’s interpretation, building a unique record of this part of the city of Porto. Maps are constructed; stories are rehearsed; creatures and universes are created; interventions are designed.


If with the mapping records we interpret the territory individually, at this stage we build together a common narrative, an endemic urban universe. Through collaborative design and construction, construction sites open to participants are set up where various objects of urban intervention begin to take shape, colour and history.


Finally, the project returns to the city, creating a great parade where this exploration is celebrated, which merges the space of the city with the vision of these individuals, building a new narrative that is shown, that happens and that stimulates the urban space. Thus, places of rights and citizenship are claimed in a festive tone.


Team: Zuloark + Colectivo Warehouse
Partners: Porto Design Biennal; Somos Nós; ADDID; Municipality of Porto
With: Rúben Teodoro