Invited by the Municipality of Cascais, through its program “Reinvente o Seu Bairro”, Colectivo Warehouse was challenged to promote, during the month of February, a training workshop on projects with community participation. The workshop, preceded by a small seminar, was divided into two moments (two Saturdays) and had the citizens of Cascais as participants.

Methodology 6-Steps
The first moment aimed to enhance the ideas of the participants.
Through the methodology “Urban Communities – 6 Steps”(1) we seek to transform the ideas into projects, identifying partners, objectives, strategies, visions and impacts.

Elastic Methodologies | Empirical Tools
In the second moment, we shared with each participant/group adaptive and practical tools and methodologies. How to make the project happen? How can I motivate my neighbors to participate? How to budget the unknown? How to manage expectations? etc. Tools that will support them in project implementation and in a positive impact within their community.

The workshop had several participants, with very plural and exciting ideas. We are very excited to see these projects come to life and activate the spaces and people of Cascais, in a participatory and inclusive way.

Open source content/documents
Colectivo Warehouse makes available here, in open-source, all the material from the workshop, for those who want to use it to promote projects with community participation. This documentation is not, nor is it intended to be, a recipe for how to do this type of project. It is highly probable that the information contained in these documents is, or will be, obsolete, incorrect or inaccurate, it is a sign that someone has discovered a better way. If so, share it with us 🙂

(1) The “Urban Communities – 6 steps” methodology was developed based on the Platoniq “Moving Communities” methodology. Both methodologies are open-source and can be shared, changed and replicated. For more information contact us.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse

Partner: Câmara Municipal de Cascais

With: Rúben Teodoro, Sebastião de Botton