The Laboratory for Civic and Cultural Innovation, promoted by 4iS – Platform for Social Innovation, is an artistic co-created project in public space, encouraging the participation of local communities of Gondifelos, Cavalões, Outiz and Louro in urban intervention, through culture and the arts. The project main goal was to transform a section of the cycle-pedestrian route that connects Vila Nova de Famalicão to Póvoa de Varzim.

Through a co-creation process, we created a temporary urban installation along a route that was qualified by the introduction of a bicycle repair workshop, and parking modules with urban furniture for rest and leisure. New signage, complementary to the official one, was designed and installed along the cycle path, adding missing information, dangerous crossroads, and places of interest marked by the community. 

Before the residency 

Based on the emotional mapping sessions and participated co-design, two pressing needs were identified: improving safety conditions and introducing elements of rest and interaction for cyclists and pedestrians. This resulted in the idea of creating a route with information on signs, exploring the communication of local situations, whether these were socio-emotional context readings or prevention and interaction in the face of danger.


The emotional mapping and co-design sessions identified where interventions were more relevant due to the population’s use of the cycle path and its points of interest along the route. These became our guiding geographies that led to the implementation of the largest piece between the park Parque da Formiga and the viaduct 1º de Maio.


After collecting information through public consultation, we proposed the construction of a rest area equipped with a workshop stand for minor bicycle repairs. Alongside it, the introduction of panel-shaped elements with information, on an emotional and sensorial basis, depending on the context of the section identified from the intervention.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse + 4is Plataforma para a Inovação Social

Partner: Município de Famalicão, Famalicão Comunitário.

With: Monica Di Eugenio | Sebastião de Botton | Tiago Castro | Helder Silva | João Pedro Rosa | Léa Prisca Lopez.