From May 7th to May 11th students from the Sandberg Instituut participated in a workshop focus on the concept of space and territory in self-built neighborhoods in suburban Lisbon and at the same time looked at how artists internationally have been referring to these marginalized spaces to reclaim political and social voices.

The workshop took place in Hangar with a concept created by Mónica de Miranda and production by Ana de Almeida e Irina Leite Velho.

With the support of Sandberg Instituut, SIS Department Director Leopold Banchini, the workshop was attended by artists and curators including António Brito Guterres, Bruno Leitão, Carlos Carneiro, Héctor Zamora and Colectivo Warehouse

Colectivo Warehouse tutored the practical part of the workshop. The material availabe were wood and derivatives but there were some restrictions. The students had to make concessions between groups and quickly adapt their projects in an allusion to creativity in contexts of scarcity of resources and informality.


As a result of the workshop, the students developed in co-creation different art installations, performances and experimentations based on the visits to this territories and the contact with the different artists. The results were materialized in a video / performance allusive to the borders of the city where was used a ladder to question the limits between public and private space; a performance in an urban void using a locomotive of cartons and approaching the concept of “Caring”; an artistic installation based on the placement of a complementary object to an urban ruin, in an allusion to the public space of the Cova da Moura neighbourhood; an artistic installation on the façade of the Hangar building where the extension of the private space and the appropriation of the public space through the shade were explored and in the end there was an event.


Team: Colectivo Warehouse, Mónica de Miranda, Leopold Banchini, Ana de Almeida, Irina Leite Velho
Partners: Hangar, Sandberg Instituut
With: Ricardo Morais, Emanuel Falappa
Participants: Andrea Belosi, Elizaveta Strakhova, Naomi Credé, Malissa Canez Sabus, Mirko Podkowik, Mathilde Helbo Stubmark, Maike Statz, Elia Castino, Gauthier Chambry, Niels Albers, Samuel Kuhfuss Gustavsen, Liene Pavlovska, Francesca Lucchitta, Davide-Christelle Sanvee