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Agora, from the Greek word agorein – to gather, its a milenar name to express a popular meeting place, a place of assembly or even the meeting itself. Nowadays, with the worldwide pandemic crises, our tradicional gathering spaces are somehow suspended, not only for us as citizens, but also for us as city makers, architects, artists, etc., who use these public spaces as our work platforms.

#AgoraLiveTalks are a collaborative way to reflect on the actual context and its impact on the Now and Then of public space, and on public space makers. A way to reconnect these urban actors and get them talking and sharing their public space visions, as well as the transformations in their organizations and methodologies.

These unserious talks about serious topics will be promoted by Colectivo Warehouse, through their instagram account, in collaboration with peer European collectives and ateliers, live streaming to their publics. Within an afterwork-beer feeling, we would like to engage into an informal conversation between entities that see their mobility, collaboration, co-creation and participation values put somehow on hold. 

Every Thursdays, at 19:00 [GMT +01:00], 30 minutes of informal talk in an afterwork-beer feeling, live on Colectivo Warehouse’s instagram account.

“To evaluate a city as organized space, there is only one solution: to walk through it, live it, wonder through its streets, go down its slopes, climb to its highest points, inhabit its houses, feel it as a living organism that does not stop, that changes from day to day.”

Fernando Távora


Raise the question. Now and Then

People’s free transit; public space engagement; citizens’ dynamics for public space; co-design and co-building the cities; street cultural interventions; the power of co-creation; co-building projects; public events; cultural gatherings; digital vs physical gatherings; design the unknown usage; etc.
How are these issues affected by the actual change on people’s behaviors?
How are they shaping these collectives and ateliers’ responses to the city?
How will they change national and international policies regarding public and common spaces?

Proposed guests.

#1 – Zuloark (ES)
#2 – ON/OFF (DE)
#3 – ConstrucLab (EU)
#4 – Collectif ETC (FR)
#5 – Basurama (ES)
#6 – Critical Concrete [PT]
#7 – Orizzontale (IT)
#8 – Bellastock (FR)
Bruit du Frigo (FR) Postponed for Season 2
Collectif Parenthèse (FR) Postponed for Season 2
Ecosistemaurbano (ES) Postponed for Season 2
Raumlabor (DE) Postponed for Season 2
Assemble Studio (UK) Ups, they said no.