In response to the challenge launched by the artist and architect Andreia Salavessa, who manages a handmade ice cream shop in Lisbon, we designed and built a modular stool in red pinewood in order to accommodate customers at the esplanade of Fábrica do Gelado.

The stools were thought to be light, easy to assemble and store inside the shop, to have the possibility to generate several lengths and also to make possible several combinations to sit and chill.

The frequent presence of families with children in this street, and particularly at this esplanade, immediately awoke the need to include a playful device to encourage playing between neighbours and passers-by.

Thus occurred the idea of creating a slide that could be fitted onto the benches to amuse the little ones.

The new measures of social distancing also guided the design process, because the singular elements can be fitted together generating small sets according to the groups to be seated.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse 

Client: Fábrica do Gelado

With: Sebastião de Botton, Monica Di Eugenio, Guenièvre Carré