Brincadeira Circular is a project of an educational equipment designed and built through a participatory process with the aim of evolving the entire community of Escola Fernanda de Castro, located in Tapada das Necessidades.

Warehouse was invited to coordinate this project by the Parish Council of Estrela, framed in a financing program of an environmental trust fund that encourages, among other themes, the creation of projects that apply principles of circular economy and sustainability.

The project was born out of the recognition of the existence of underused spaces outside the school. In this context, through a participatory model of reflection, design and construction, through the organization of collaborative sessions with parents, students and professionals, an artistic temporary installation was built. The creation of this equipment aims to provide an educational space where the themes of circular economy, upcycling, reuse and ecological responsibility will be addressed with activities proposed by teachers.

The project was created using reused wood and milk packages collected by parents and students during the months before the building period. An art gallery was created with works made by students crafted with the leftovers from the construction itself.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Partners: Junta de Freguesia da Estrela, Escola Fernanda de Castro, Tetrapak Portugal, Associação Macaquinho do Chinês
With: Sebastião de Botton, Rúben Teodoro, Raquel Santos, Romain Deboulle, Monica Di Eugenio
Collaborators: Sam Boche