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Trafaria’s Bench is characterized by its comfort given the use of climbing rope as support.

The blue climbing rope provides a high degree of comfort. The rope refers to the roots of this fishing community, the sea and the fishing nets. While building the first benches, Mr. “Capitão”, a resident of Trafaria and a retired fisherman guided the interlacing of the ropes and executed the knots. The construction of the benches also had the participation of more community members and a network of volunteers.

The benches have the possibility of being stored in a shelf designed for this purpose, freeing the space for several activities.




Height: 45 cm
Width: 61 cm
Depth: 40 cm


Material: planed wood pine, dynamic climbing rope.
Treatment: clear acrylic varnish
Colour: natural (wood), blue (rope)


This Bench was designed for “ESPAÇO DE LEITURA” – Reading and Activities space, Trafaria Library, 2015