The Tetr (4) iS project is the result of a collaboration between 4iS – Platafroma para a Inovação Social and the Colectivo Warehouse for the Lamas Museum.

The project was part of a participatory construction laboratory focused on heritage, public space and community.

Over the course of a week the laboratory welcomed participants from various local institutions and associations promoting synergies between them, the Santa Maria de Lamas community and the Lamas Museum.

The lab was attended by students from Cincork, the College of Lamas and Cerci-Lamas, who were involved in the various stages of construction. The students were joined by volunteers from the Santa Maria de Lamas Group 1355, members of the Basqueiro Cultural Association and the staff of the Lamas Museum.

A construction manual has been created to help the various entities and participants build more modules for themselves. It was also intended to empower them through the practical building sessions.

The project aimed to respond to two distinct needs identified by the Museum and the Basqueiro Association responsible for the Basqueiral Festival: stands to equip the Cork Room and counters to be used in the festival.

The T and L modules were inspired by the Tetris game and their shapes allow various combinations. The modules are designed to be easily carried by two people and their hollow structure on one side allows their use as storage and shelf.

The pine structure is covered by birch plywood which is coated by two different types of cork.

The use of cork, besides being the essence of the Lamas Museum, was one of the bases of the laboratory through the development of techniques and solutions for the integration of cork in urban furniture. The Mestre Manuel Augusto Fontes insight was crucial in this phase and he guided one of the construction sessions.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse + 4iS – Plataforma para a Inovação Social
Partners: Câmara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira, ICC – Imaginarius Centro de Criação, Museu de Lamas, Basqueiro – Associação Cultural, Agrupamento 1355 de Santa Maria de Lamas, CERCI – Lamas, Colégio de Lamas, Cincork.
With: Ricardo Morais, Monica Di Eugenio.
Collaborators: Manuel Augusto Fontes