Intergenerational Park in Marvila is a public park for the elders and children built in an abandoned site in the middle of Marvila an old neighbourhood. Ateliermob and Warehouse developed the project for a two weeks building workshop with Lusófona University students and also with several volunteers and members of the local community.

The park have a amphitheatre with a great view of Tagus river, a kids playground and a area with chairs and tables so the elders can meet and play cards games while watching their grandsons playing. This project is still under development.

In late 2014 Ateliermob and Xerém proposal for Marvila get financial support from Energia Bip-Zip. In the first meeting the community and the Inhabitants Association were clear with their intentions: creating a public park for children and the elders.

The neighbourhood is becoming older and their numbers are decreasing. There’s few children in the neighbourhood nevertheless the community wanted a kids playground because the grandparents wanted to attract the grandsons to come visit them more often.


There weren’t so many places to build the park. The chosen site was an old empty space between a seven-store building and some ruined houses. The south limit of the site is one of the most important railways in Lisbon. The first action was to clean the site and levelled the terrain.

The Park

The first two weeks of construction took place in the beginning of August with the participation of students from Lusófona University in a workshop overseen by Warehouse. For the next three weeks we count on a help of volunteers and some community members. In these five weeks of construction we build the amphitheatre made of concrete bricks and pinewood on top.

In the end of the benches there is a ramp for kids that connect the top level of the site to the playground. The playground floor was filled by pine bark because it is cleaner than sand and more cheaper that rubber pavement. In the lower end it was build the concrete slab and the benches, which will then be place the chairs and tables.


Team: Warehouse + ateliermob
Partners: Xerém, Departamento Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa
With: Rúben Teodoro, Ricardo Morais, Sebastião de Botton, Malin Mohr, Bruno Bravo, Pedro Nunes
Collaborators: Cian McKenna, Marlene Jabouille, Raquel Lopes, Antoine de Maulmin, Bernardo Lourenço, Will Pham, Bruno Assunção, Inês Lopes, Joana Luís, Luísa Miala, Mário Rodrigues, Nádia Ferreira, Paulino Gunji, Pedro Figueiras, Tânia Rosário, Yanessa Guerra, Kalina Michałowska, Paula Kusińska