Routes is an interactive promenade show built with a team of refugee, migrant, and British-born artists that explores perspectives on “Homes” and “Others”.

Originally inspired by The Caravan street theatre project in Lebanon, Routes combines true and devised stories to create a layered tale that aims to start a dialogue about what we think and feel about the people we pass by each day on the streets, in relationship to our perspectives on self and home.


Colectivo Warehouse was invited to design and build the set for this show. Based on the “Babel Tower” concept, the idea behind this structure is to create a common “house” for each of the stories to be lived in. It’s also part of the concept, the interpretation of the body, and the way the actors can move in and out of this element, using their full body to do so, from climbing to opening doors and windows. A movable wooden tower, with 4,5meters tall, and a base of 2m x 2m, and various different elements for cladding compose this set.


Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Partners: Theatre Témoin; Without Walls; Arts Council England; Hammersmith & Fulham Council; Theatre Delicatessen
With: Rúben Teodoro
Collaborators: Ailin Conant; Anthony Hollis; Olivia Altras (Libby); Daniel Heming