Warehouse was invited to join a multidisciplinar team coordinated by Raizvanguarda, a cultural association based in Góis that planned a visit to Armenia with experts from several artistic fields searching for ways to enhance cultural exchange, leisure and education with the youth around three villages.

A equipa viajou com o intuito de conhecer a comunidade local de Tatev, Svarants e Tandzatap e deste modo trocar impressões e alinhar vontades no âmbito de promover trocas culturais, fomentar o lazer e a educação, especialmente no faixa etária dos jovens das três aldeias que formam a região Syunik.


With funding and resources it is possible to implement a participatory building process which will lead to the renovation of spaces and give conditions to develop activities for the community to gather, have fun and at the same time, a place for education, spiritual bond and development of new skills.

Warehouse role is to develop the study of the renovation of a public building to function as a community center.

The challenge of the project, is to bring exterior energy and funds to implement a strategy that empowers people. the project is to happen with an impact of continuity even if it’s not the same group developing further actions, conditions will rise in order to have other specialists engaging with this community in the future.


Team: Warehouse, Luís Carvalho [RaizVanguarda], Beatriz Barrios, Maria Kwiatek
Partners: Tatev Youth Center
With: Sebastião de Botton