Curatorship: Mistaker Maker + Credits: Mariana Vasconcelos

The Hood is a renovated commercial area in UBBO’s central square in Amadora. At the invitation of Mistaker Maker, curator of the artistic interventions of this new neighborhood, Warehouse designed and produced the elements for the Food Court Resort.

The Resort has a food court area equipped with tables and benches, a co-working space with two big tables, several leisure and resting areas equipped with palm trees, Benches on wheels, and other decorative elements.

These sets unify this space through a design-defined expression that we introduced by the shape and materiality of pieces.

The rhythm set by the intersection of the wood planks and the combination with iron elements strengthens a contemporary image while balancing the warm and cold contrast of this Resort.

The ping-pong table and the Swing-Table are playful and interactive features with that provide ideal conditions for The Hood’s activities and future programming.

Palm trees, sun loungers, chairs, benches and flower boxes punctuate the space forming different seating areas. The palm tree canopy design seeks to create a sculptural element through the repetition of the wooden planks thus gaining a presence in the space due to its scale and structural beauty.



Team: Colectivo Warehouse
Curatorship: Mistaker Maker
With: Ricardo Morais, Sebastião de Botton, Rúben Teodoro, Romain Deboulle, Monica Di Eugenio
Collaborators: Vincent Rault