The “Playground Bergsjön” project is a collaboration between Warehouse and the Architecture Department of Chalmers University, which has a master’s program that focuses on Design for Social inclusion. In the past years this department has developed its work in the peripheral territories of Gothenburg, creating an interaction between groups of students, organizations and the communities living in Bergsjön.

After an invitation to collaborate again with this master’s program, Warehouse developed a project aiming for the construction of a playground with one of the groups of students.

Under Warehouse support, the project was designed and planned through remote work sessions that preceded the 3 weeks of construction.

The project process included a series of activities carried out by the group of students in a primary school to involve children in conceptual ideas and decision making which later defined the shape, color and theme of the playground.

The result of the project is the implementation of a children’s playground designed and built by architecture students, responding to the concept and criteria defined in a participatory process involving Chalmers University, Warehouse, the local community and Familjebostäder, the organisation that manages the housing and public space of Bergsjön, which supported and financed the project.

Team: Warehouse + PPP
Partners: Chalmers University – Masters Design for Sustainable Development, Familjebostäder, ON/OFF Berlin
With: Ricardo Morais, Rúben Teodoro, Sebastião de Botton
Collaborators: Efstathia Douli, Ivana Milicevic, Klara Sjögren Holtz, Susanne Taieb, Taleen Josefsson, Zoë Van der Pas